The Ironic Bride

A witty tale of a cynical modern bride’s second wedding.

Fed up of chick-lit novels featuring a scatty twenty-something tying the knot?  What’s it really like to be a cynical 38 year old planning your second wedding without losing your friends, job, sanity or credit rating? Especially when that 38 year old is a Type A unromantic control freak. Hardened by life and without the dewy sentimentality of youth, tired of the sugar pink naffness of the wedding industry and with four very bossy and opinionated bridesmaids all with their own ideas, the Ironic Bride takes the reader on her hilarious journey to the aisle. This brutally honest and caustically witty story is taken from the popular blog of a modern bride’s fraught second wedding. If you loved the movie ‘Bridesmaids’ but hated ‘Father of the Bride’ then this book is for you.


Available on Amazon now for Kindle!

Praise for The Ironic Bride:

“Excellent” – Mrs W, Sweden

“Really enjoyed it, can’t wait to read more” – Miss F, London

“You are out of control and clearly must be stopped” – Bridesmaid A, Bucks

“Yet again – brilliant!” – Mrs F, Beds

“Loving the blog, there’s a book in there” – Ms A, Beds

“Keep up the good work, you should turn it into a book!” – Ms E, London

“Love reading your blog” – Mrs N, Australia

“I laughed so much I had a small accident” – Anon

“Am I named Bridesmaid D because of cup size?” – Bridesmaid D, London




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