About Rebecca

Court transcriber and proofreader by day, trained journalist, published writer,  lapsed Mensa member, ex holiday rep, proud (but probably unsuitable) godmother to two gorgeous goddaughters, suburban domestic goddess, qualified private detective and owner of a very lively Heinz 57 rescue dog.

I am passionate about dogs, food, punctuation, interior design and trying to see the best in people.  I feel blessed to have wonderful friends, the ability to laugh often (usually inappropriately!) and a very good beauty therapist on speed-dial.

My articles, short stories, photographs and general writing have appeared in a wide variety of publications such as Mensa magazine, Essentials, Reader’s Digest, Best, Style at Home, Woman’s Own, Take A Break and Prima and I was a columnist for the Leighton Buzzard Observer for four years.  I live in Bedfordshire, UK, with a vast shoe and handbag collection which I can’t quite bear to downsize.

For the past two years I’ve been cheating on writing with interior design and, more recently, art lessons. But I’m hoping to stage a comeback soon – watch this space!