The Writer’s Aura

My AuraGiven Singapore’s worship of food and its obsession with shopping,  my day job bringing me here for a few weeks is no real hardship, although I have enjoyed a good middle-class moan about jetlag, homesickness and the hotel (which could star in a movie called ‘Fifty Shades of Brown’ – and not in a good way).

During my first visit here in 2006, serendipity led me to a shabby Chinese shopping centre hidden away in a very run-down part of the city where for S$20 (around £10} I had my aura read.    Every visit since I have returned for this — except the time in early 2010 where I had severe gastroenteritis and therefore didn’t have much of anything left, let alone an aura.   The spiritual realm has always held a stramge fascination for me and, of course, being a creative soul, I wonder whether this is reflected in my aura.  My husband would just describe me as gullible and mutter about fools being easily parted with their cash.

The process is very simple: you sit on a bench and place your hands on pressure sensors while a camera photographs your head and the auric  field around you.  Then a huge ancient computer-like contraption whirrs and purrs and spits out a very detailed report along with the photo.  It looks and feels hugely scientific and mysterious even if some are quick to shoot the whole concept down in flames.

The above photo is my aura as of last Monday, 6 October and it quite clearly shows I am a truly creative and compassionate individual.   I am also due a time of change ahead of me (that’ll be my three-book deal, then!) but I care more about fulfillment than money. (Definitely a writer).

Here’s a quick summary:

My right centre shows depth and compassion, and a sense of fun with idealism.  (Correct)

The left side indicates the future and it is creative, yet intellectually stimulating.  Inspired ideas are already unfolding in front of me, apparently.  (My friend and I had the very inspired idea of trying to get us an upgrade to Singapore’s Grand Dame, The Fullerton Hotel, on Monday and it didn’t go well as we were swiftly and politely ejected.)

The throat, the centre of communication, is violet indicating I am either (a) ill or (b) I have an intense desire to communicate startling and incredible visions.   I think it could be (a) in this case.  The last time I tried communicating startling visions and ideas at home it didn’t go down too well.  And  my frequent startling idea of a pay rise at work is always received with incredulity.

The heart shows I am a natural and compassionate healer.

My root is blue and white, indicating an ability to communicate on a deep and meaningful level.   Presumably that doesn’t include the number of times I have bellowed at people to f*** off  in the last few weeks.

The solar plexus, or the ‘money pot’,  says I will never be rich.

Overall,  my aura shows I may be a gifted artist or writer with my life expanding in exciting new directions.  The first part is correct.  The only thing expanding out here is my waistline and credit card bill at present, but ever the optimist I like to think that exciting new directions will come.

So is aura reading a load of old rubbish, a bit of harmless fun or is there something in it?  I’d like to think so!


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