Five Books That Changed My Life

We all have books that have shaped our thinking and stayed with us long after we finish reading.

Here are five books that have changed my life:

1.  We Need To Talk About Kevin – Lionel Shriver:

This brilliant book put the final nail in the coffin of motherhood for me.  Opinion is fiercely divided on the nature versus nurture debate it raises.  I think Kevin was born evil and it terrified me.

2.  Lace – Shirley Conran:

Every bit as shocking as Fifty Shades at the time of publication, I read this under the duvet aged 13 – along with Cosmopolitan,  it’s where I learned about sex. As teenagers, we were comparatively unsophisticated back in the 1980s.  Aged 42, I still find the goldfish scene repulsive!

3.  Chavs – Owen Jones:

I have always thought I was working class but after reading this I’m not sure any more.  This book turned all I thought about class on its head and left me reeling.

4.  My Mother, My Self – Nancy Friday:

The mother-daughter relationship is so powerful. We remain invisibly and silently connected by the umbilical cord for the rest of our lives.

5.  One People – Guy Kennaway:

A wonderful, happy and unique book which is brilliantly observed.  It’s like being transported to Jamaica. A huge drop of sunshine that still makes me laugh out loud.


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