Word 101

wordsIs it just me who loathes certain words?  The curvaceous Mad Men star Christina Hendricks revealed in a TV interview her most hated word is ‘chafe’.  Like everything else, language and words follow trends and are influenced by popular culture.  However, being a language puritan, the majority of my ‘Word 101’ list is slang.  As a writer and a proofreader, words are my tools.   Here are some of the words that are, for me, the lexicographical equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard:

Holibobs.  This slang word sets my teeth on edge.  What’s wrong with the word holiday(s)?  It just sounds stupid when coming out of the mouth of anyone over 10.

Furbabies.  (Is this two words?)  As in your pets.  I love my dog but I’m an intelligent woman and I know he isn’t my baby. Cringe.

Hubby. This is a hideous word nobody under 50 should ever use, along with ‘comfy’. It really is downhill all the way from here …

Amazeballs. Thank you, reality TV, where it is cool to be, or pretend to be, a bit thick.

Discharge.  This word always makes me shudder.  Unfortunately for me, my day job sometimes  involves dealing with banking court cases where loans are discharged. It crops up a lot.

So. Sentences beginning with ‘So …’ are usually seen on social media sites and normally herald the start of a long and boring story, as in: “So, I’m in the supermarket earlier and …”  Don’t get me started on the grammar.

I could go on and on but I won’t.  Please comment and let me know yours …






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